The best design for the hardcore fishers


  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight
  • Max. Capacity
  • X-Factor

  • 14' 4"
  • 33"
  • 13"
  • 62 lbs
  • 550 lbs
X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Mango-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Mango

X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Lime-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Lime

X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Stone-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Stone

X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Sand-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Sand

X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Winter-Camo-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Winter Camo

X-Factor-Fishing-Kayak-Desert-Camo-Angle-ViewSlide thumbnail

X-Factor | Angle View | Desert Camo

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X-Factor is capable of cutting through the roughest chop and swell. Highlights include a casting platform, a redesigned flat rear hatch, and our multi-purpose hatch system for cooler, dry storage, livewell, or battery compartment.


Fish Finder


Live Bait Tank


Large Storage


Standing Platform

Great for Fishing!

Highlight Features

Exclusive Features

Trolling Motor Mount

What could make our X-Factor even more amazing? How about a mounted trolling motor? For blazing speed, our trolling motor mount is easy to install.


X-Wing Sliding Console

Now you can have all your electronics, rod holders, and dry storage in this sliding unit that conveniently detaches off your kayak for quick storage. Designed for ergonomic fishing with effortless control in reaching those far away items and totally customize for your own specifications. Basic package includes a self-contained 6″ hatch allowing you to place your 12 volt battery with other electronic items in a safe, high and dry compartment.


Add even more storage possibilities to your Stealth 14 kayak.  Doubles as an elevated seating platform when closed, ideal for comfortable seated fishing